Papillon Non-profit Foundation Official App

Project Papillon is an independent non-denominational body, registered and directed by an Official Board of Members and assisted by a Network of Specialists in the areas of Research, Planning, Structuring and the Implementation of a Tapestry of Projects aimed at Societal Renewal and Transformation. The The Papillon Vision Statement of “Creating Better Tomorrows from the ashes of today” was established after a thorough Research was done into the immediate and long term empowerment needs of the Communities.

  • I sent this app as a #christmasgift to the owner of the Papillon Foundation. And guess what? He is so satisfied with it and he gave me his blessings. I will feel better in Xmas days just because of you guys here at thunkable. Looking forward to the iOS development using thunkable. United as one we can achieve more success to the platform.

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