Page keeps crashing when click on settings wheel on join tab

Hi All,

The past few days, if I ever click on the settings wheel on join tab to add more items, the whole page just crashes. I have tried different browsers and other resets on my computer, but any one experiencing same issue or have any other ideas of how to stop this happening?

Thank you!

Hi Simon,
Sorry you are having these issues. Are you talking about the settings wheel for the join block within strings? And could you share the blocks you are currently using?
Thank you

Yes, exactly that. It happens on all the blocks on the whole app at the moment. Basically, when I first click on it, the option opens to add more items and if I don’t add more items I can click on it and it closes no problem. However, if I add an item, then when I click on the wheel to close it, nothing happens and then the whole page freezes and I have to force quit whichever browser I am using.

And now it seems to be working fine!! lol. I’m doing some work on the app this morning, so will update you again if problem returns!

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