Over 3k downloads - Fight Timer developed with Thunkable

Thanks to the Thunkable and to Extension Developers, I present to you my Fight Timer. It has been downloaded over 3000 times and has more than 500 active users. I would appreciate if you tried it and, If possible, rate it.:grinning:


If possible please explain what your app does, your motivation and development process would also be nice. A little bit more details would be nice, we are all curious

Hi. It is a Timer to be used during a Fight Training. As a boxer I perceived that the fighters needed a Timer simple, but with specific characteristics and options. From this, the Fight Timer was born.


Hi. I have just released a new version. Could you all try it, please?

I have released a New version. I am using extensions from Taifun, Andrés Cotes, Mika and Colin Tree. Thank to you all.

that sounds great
thank you for using some of my extensions, but it would be great to know, which ones you used… therefore please provide a list of these extensions … thank you…


The extensions used are:
From Andrés Cotes: Sidebar and YouTube
From Taifun: TaifunFile and TaifunSettings
From Mika: SpecialTools and ImageEditor
From Colintree: ListView

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You can watch to an YouTube video during your trainings.

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Sorry if this is a dumb question, I’m new here. But can I access your timer on Thunkable and see how you made it? I need to make something similar but different, and I think the fastest way for me to understand how you did it is by looking at the puzzle pieces instead of seeing a description typed out.

Thanks. And congrats on making such a cool app. I also do MMA and see how this would be super helpful.

What have you tried so far?

Hello. The app has been developed using the classic thunkable. So, It is necessary tô start a New one from the Scratch. However, It would be a pleasure tô help you

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is google allow to published with api 28?