Our Redesigned Project Page is Live!

Introducing the revamped Thunkable Projects Page! Take control of your personal projects with advanced organization features, explore inspiring sample projects, and easily access all your customizations in one user-friendly space.

Please feel free to reach out here with any feedback or issues you may run into as you’re exploring this redesign.

Thank you!


I always like to see improvements to the layout of the projects page. But I’m sad :disappointed_relieved: that project size didn’t make it into the new layout. I asked about this four years ago and have brought it up several times since then. See Display sortable project size in list of projects · Issue #967 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub and View and sort by project size in project list · Issue #855 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub and Revised Design for My Projects Page, for example.

The two most useful features for me that are still missing are:

(1) The ability to see and sort by project size. Sometimes I’m at my limit for project storage and there’s no easy way to tell which project(s) might be taking up the most space without clicking through every single one.

(2) The ability to sort or filter by remixed projects vs. original projects. I know it’s a little unique to me but as users we still don’t have much control over when projects get added to our projects list as remixes… I’d like to be able to quickly see and/or filter which projects I’ve remixed because 90% of those are things I don’t really need anymore.


Appreciate this feedback–I’ve sent it along to our design and Product teams to take a look at!


@tatiang thanks for the feedback. We are looking into it internally. You might see improvement soon!


Love the new & fresh projects page UI! :+1: :smiley:

@matt_conroy would you please explain what this is for? -


Do we get to create multiple workspaces, like in Airtable to group our projects? Thanks.

Sure, happy to explain this and thanks for the positive feedback!

Users on our Teams plan have access to some collaboration tools and so, if you were on the Teams plan, you could see some different workspaces there.

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