[Open Source] Screenshot Maker

Ok. I’ll wait for a message from you.

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add me tester :slight_smile:

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I have disabled testing until I fix ads problem.

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Ads and gallery problem solved.

I had earlier made the interstitial ads to load on each swipe without any timers. So now, I just added a clock with time interval of 2 seconds and then load the ad. I can’t find any other good action to show ads with annoying users.

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Ok i will test it when i get the new version. Were you able to add the gallery refresh?

Yes added

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I will add some more frames and upload the new version.

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Great, looking forward to it. :thumbsup:

Any updates? Is there a new link to enroll for testing?

@pavi2410 any news? I really want to try it out


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I will publish it after Sunday. @ILoveThunkable


Any update?

Any update? x2

Next year


2019 :slight_smile:

I abandoned this project.

Would you consider open-sourcing this project @pavi2410?


I created this on the beta server. I have a backup on my PC already. I will open source it soon :blush:


ScreenShots.aia (472.4 KB)

Screenshot Maker is Now Open Sourced