Open Pdf from data

Hey community how open PDF from data ?

Hey @mohamed_azgaou :wave:

When you say “from data” are you using Cloudinary? Or Airtable? Or something else??

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Thank you for your response I use airtable

Are you looking for a preferred way to view a PDF inside of an app? If so, are use a very basic HTML file with a PDF viewer and I loaded that HTML file in the web if you were you

Thank you for reponse all is good now it work good
Pleas I have another question, when I want share a picture from data the button don’t work ?

These block can be misleading. While the photo component may support showing a pdf, the share component may not be coded for this file type.

Any input on this @domhnallohanlon

No this another app I don’t use pdf on it just picture

Have you searched the forum for “how to send photos?”

What issue are you experiencing. It may be more appropriate to start a new thread?

yeah I search but I don’t find it, the problem I have is when I click in the button to share the picture doesn’t work the code is in the picture the problem where’s I don’t know
ps: am using data airtable you can see that in the picture