Thunkable x - writing into pdf

Problem statement: Writing to a record that is being fetched from Airtable and write into a PDF
I am looking around the Thunkable x but didn’t get any feature in Thunkable to write the data into a PDF.
Does anyone know how to do it? It would be a great help.

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This function is not available in Thunkable.

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Thanks munner.

Does any work around ?

Actually I would like to do the following :

  1. Read the data from Airtable
  2. Format the data in specified way
  3. Send the formatted data to whatsapp numbers

I was thinking of writing the formatted data (#2) into a PDF then sending on whatsapp numbers (1 or more)? I was stuck in writing into the PDF and didn’t get a chance to explore how to send across whatapp numbers.

I am little new to Thunkable - any leads on this is highly appriciatable…

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