Open actual google maps app to navigate to an in app pinned position

Hello everyone,

I have a pinned place in google map inside my app and I would like the let the user open an actual navigator like google maps at the position of that pin, should I use the open link command?

you could get the coordinates then using the join block, join them to follow googles linking. Heres is a google maps link:,-7.7041404,15z

Just a random location on the map near me that i picked out. Follow that format. so you could do:

get latitude and longitude, then join{latitude},{longitude}z

thats only a guess, maybe that might not work. try it :slight_smile:

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Thx but as suspected it’s not a pin link and it says that maps can’t open that link, pin links are much more complicate unfortunately and I don’t know how to create them :frowning:

I found this solution on stackoverflow site:

"The currently accepted answer ends up adding an additional history entry in browsers at the moment as Google Maps redirects to a different URL format.

To avoid that extra entry in the browser’s history, use the official Maps API url:,longitude

This will display a marker at the latitude, longitude location as well.

If you only want to center the map (and not display a marker), use the map action:,longitude

and it worked, nice!