onMarkerPress send user to detail page

I am trying to get the IconMarker to send user to detail page of the pressed marker : title, image, and description.

the problem is the data that is connected with the marker isn’t being displayed on the detail page

But I can’t figure it out, here is what I have so far (screenshots)

According to the documentation, the OnMarkerPress event has the properties “latitude” and “longitude”:

But you are trying to get the property “TITLE” from it. Why? What value were you hoping to get there?

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I want to send the marker information like the title/image/description of the row in airtable and send it to the detailed page.

so ultimately when the user click on the marker it will go to the detailed page

the documentation doesn’t tell me how to use the info that is attached to the marker and send it to another page which is what im trying to do

presumably, your airtable contains the title/image/description PLUS latitude and longitude and url for that row.
then you can use the lat,long values you got from onMarkerPress, and scan your airtable until you see a row with matching lat,long. you may have to use a fuzzy match (eg.round up all lat,long values to 3 or 4 digits, to eliminate rounding mismatches). when you’ve found the matching record, navigate to the corresponding url in that row.


I’m sorry but I have no clue how to do that or are you just putting suggestions out there, how do you find a “fuzzy match”

let’s say your airbase row contains this lat/long: 37.695648924582756, -122.4859855426164
but your map marker returns this lat/long: 37.69564, -122.48598
they’re the same location but you won’t find it in airtable because the lat/long’s don’t match.
so you make them the same format:

and you’ll be able to match them:

here’s the project, look for screen named fuzzy_match


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