Online Base Game for YOU!

Yes, YOU! Sitting there! All you have to do is edit it to your liking.
Base Game: Thunkable

Credit is not needed, but liked.

I made this because I know it can be difficult to make an online game, and this is kinda just a cheat sheet of sorts, I guess! Use it any way you want to.


it’s hard because when you press “attack” you should spot the bug.

Why you started a two month topic again

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@jonathonschnoor6x4b5 this is great - thanks for sharing!

Wondering what your inspiration was for sharing this template?

Have you built many other games or apps?

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Yes I have. I know cloud data can be confusing for people trying to make a game, so I got the difficult part out of the way for them, if they find this. :slight_smile: