Number of errors in Thunkable X: great, but

Hi, today I found that in ThunkX there is a sign telling how many errors in have in my blocks. But it seems I am better than possible, I have “-2 errors”. How come? BTW: I like this feature.


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:joy::joy::joy: thanks for the feedback @Michael_Rogulla - can you share the steps to reproduce this error? Or maybe share your project with me via PM?

Today it was the first time I saw this little error-sign in the lower left corner in ThunkX-Blocks-editor. I have noticed, that there were 4 errors in screen 1. I switched to another screen, without any error, then came back to screen 1. Now there was no more this red sign, but I found my four errors (there were lost names for pictures used as background in a button), and with every “repaired” error the counter went down from -1 to finally -4.

Nevertheless I love this feature. The blocks-editor is still hard to use, and this is a good enhancement.