Null then NaN in the information stored in local storage

Hello, I have a problem with my project. When I carry out actions in my project it must increase a number in a label which is then recorded in the local storage. This allows the participant’s progress to be recorded. However, sometimes a bug occurs setting null or NaN (then saving and preventing further progress). How to avoid this. I found strings but that does not prevent when opening the page that null or NaN is displayed and then blocks all progress.

We would need to see your blocks to know how to help you. It’s really important to include screenshots and descriptions of exactly how you are coding something. Just knowing it doesn’t work is not enough to go on.

Also, are you using the classic version of Thunkable or the new/current version?

Hello, I am attaching the different screenshots to you but I am not sure that it could help you alas … I am a newbie (only 2 months since I started MIT app and only 1 month since I started Thunkable ). I’m on ThunkableX (I don’t have the classic version.

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I found where my problem was coming from when resetting my page, a function was running, and depending on the number associated with the label along with the number (defining the progress) there had to be an associated action. However I had not seen that by mistake I put a block to remove the local storage of this label thus making null then NaN
Thanks for your help


Is it working now?