Not sure where to find the "Subscription Key" or URL for Azure Image Recognizer

Trying to test the Image Recognizer, and have an account with Azure. Can’t tell what is needed from Azure to make this work. Have tried API Keys and Subscription ID, but nothing appears to be a Subscription Key. Please help. Thanks! :camera_flash:

I’ve found old topical posts, but none with clear answers. Links to documentation accepted, but I think I’ve exhausted the docs for this one.

Resolved this, sort of. I needed to:

  • Use the Web API instead of the Camera component
  • Use the API Key as the Subscription Key
  • Include the full endpoint to the service from Azure
  • Set the Headers with Key: Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key and Value: {the API Key}

After all this it still isn’t able to get the image to Azure, it seems perhaps the image source is locked to the domain and I might have to use yet another service to host the image temporarily for this to work.

Oh and I just tried in the Live Preview App, and my method blew up. Back to the drawing board…

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Just wanted to follow up here as we discussed the solution to this issue in a different support channel. Did you need any more help with this?

Eventually got this running using Cloudinary and Azure Computer Vision via Web API.

  • Set the Cloudinary authentication
  • Use the Camera to capture the image
  • Store image to Cloudinary, get the URL
  • POST image URL to Azure Computer Vision via Web API as JSON
  • Receive the return payload and check for keyword(s)
  • Update display accordingly