Not able to operate more than two values

As you everyone knows what i am making is a calculator
please help me as the calculator can only count two values.
if the third or more values are entered then the result comes only of the first two values
if , 4+5*6+5 typed , the answer would be 9
link for project Thunkable

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Please stop spamming the forum with multiple topics about the same thing. It’s disrespectful to the users who waste time clicking on duplicate topics.

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You need to show your work so others can comment and give ideas.

Please show what you have tried.

about the last day’s calculator
if more than two values are operated , then only the first two values gets operated
link Thunkable

I know this because you mentioned it in, maybe 4, different posts.

What have you tried to solve this issue?
Show the codes you tried to solve it so that others can give you advises.

See this demo

Sample output

the blocksi nside seem to be capable of computing algebraic expressions - i bet it could be very useful in a nerdle-like puzzle written in thunkable!

after you get the equation, just pass it through these blocks!


thank you so much but can you add one more operator that is ^ (exponent
so it will be more good @muneer

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Screenshot 2022-03-16 123447
where are those initialize variable block of this variables

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nor these variables have any set variable block.
i have implemented your code in my calculator project , the output was 0 .
link for my project : Thunkable
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These are Function parameters and will only work inside the function. These variables are automatically initialized by the function itself.

You can add it yourself. I added it in my project.

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Looking at your code, I immediately see this

  • These blocks are resetting the same variable. Why?

  • These variables should be deleted

I have not tested the code but you would need to correct it before it can be tested.

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