Not able to find invisible components

After the new update of Thunkable X, I am not able to find the invisible component for the firebase database. image I have added the api key and database and i searched the toolbox of coding area

but i was not able to find the invisible component i was looking for. Nearest i found the Sign In option with a firebase icon but i was not able to get the blocks i wanted. image I am using the new drag and drop option in my app and my windows is windows 10. Please help me out :innocent:

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in firebase auth no need of apis and alllll
do it directlly

But how do i do it directly? my teacher never told me how to do directly

The new approach of Thunkable is to use Firebase by using cloud variables.

If the cloud variable matches the key in Firebase then you will get what is saved in Firebase without using any components.

Actually, this is my first project after this update, and i haven’t been using thunkable for some days. So can you please show me in pictures how to do it?

they all teach in old ui not in new
so follow my post

See this post which I made to demonstrate to another community member

OK thanks :innocent: :innocent:

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