No speech recognition component

Couldn’t create a speech recognition component. Please see the screenshots. Tell me if I was just looking in the wrong places

It’s the recognized speech block. To see more options, right-click on it and choose “Show advanced block.”

Thank you for your quick reply!

It doesn’t show the way to add a recognition component to the app. I would think the component from the docs is an outdated thing, but the advanced block I see doesn’t seem like a workaround.

To recognize speech there needs to be something that either takes in an audio file to recognize it from or presents a functionality to record the audio on it’s own. This block does neither. I may be looking at it the wrong way, I don’t know.

Screenshot 2023-05-07 at 11.25.22 PM

That is the right block. I believe it will start recording when it fires and stop and transcribe when it doesn’t hear audio for a short while.

I agree that it’s limited in terms of functionality.

Gave it a try. Doesn’t seem like there’s any built-in timeout to stop recording. Not sure if it started recording in the first place though.