No AdMob results

I submitted my form and was told it takes 24-48 hours. I waited 24 hours and then 48 hours then I was told my app would require additional screening and would be done in a. Week i waited again it’s been a week and I have no results with all due respect can you please hurry up thank you

i am got my app accepted but still cant download it

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weird. have you contacted the admins about this at all yet?

second question, are you a PRO member?

3rd, are you sure you dont have 2 apps with the same name. Sometimes I hit ‘copy’ on accident.

i am pro … still wait admins … i have many copies but their name is (catchy copy ) not catchy

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I’m getting the same issue I’m sure you get a “no ad to show error” too if I’m correct

Admins don’t reply or care they care about bumping membership price taking 5% off the AdMob giving basic components to make basic apps and then not replying to issues I’m gonna learn flutter or Xcode over summer so I don’t have to deal with these issues again and me posting this issue 3-4 time should be enough to know they don’t care

@jane I need Thunkable AdMob approval so even if it’s little amount via ad I can save it for Thunkable pro I literally have spent around 100$ on Thunkable and it just this month that I finally got my app published on AppStore kindly look into this