Newest and smartest way to search for your music

Please check out my app on Playstore: The Mood Soft Bison, it’s free and easy to use. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you!!!

well… what about adding a description of your app, a few screenshots and a link to Google Play?
is there someone who will search for your app?



The idea is great and could be a success, but there is some way to go before it’s perfect.

For starters, the ads appear to often. It is quite annoying, being spammed with ads after every click of a button. Personally, I wouldn’t mind paying for a premium version of this app.

Second some of the text is hidden in the background. A black text on a gray/black background is not very good.

The selection should happen faster. When you open the app, the first thing to see is the possibility to take a selfie. Also I don’t think the manual selection makes any sense here as you could just go on soundcloud or YouTube and do that.

I really hope you take this constructive criticism and make an awesome app :smile:
Also, I would love to work with you on this app, if you’d like :blush:


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Thank you for the advice.

Thank you for that constructive criticism. It is going to help me to move forward with more momentum and confidence in making this app better. Seeing that this is my very first app, I am trying to go solo but I have many more ideas for new apps and I would love to work on them with you someday. Thanks again.

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Check it out… The Mood!!! It’s a simple app that searches for your music base on your emotion. You can find it on Playstore: The Mood Soft Bison or you can click this link
I hope you enjoy.

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