🚀 New Feature: Featured Profiles and Featured Projects

Last July we gave you the ability to personalise your Thunkable profile by adding a username, profile picture and headline.

This latest update takes that idea to the next level and gives certain Thunkers access to featured profiles. Featured profiles have a shiny new “featured” badge that gets displayed under the username and picture! We hope to have lots of Thunkers become featured creators to showcase the very best of this community.

If you’d like your profile to be featured, and to get the new featured badge for yourself, leave comment below with a link to your profile and we’ll take a look.

Your profile link will look something like x.thunkable.com/profiles/USERNAME

To give you an idea of what it looks like we’ve created a new user called “Thunkable Featured” and hand picked a few of our favourite sample apps to show off.

Take a closer look at our first featured profile here:

Grid View

Some creators have a lot of projects, you can choose between list view and grid view to make navigating through a project gallery even easier.

At the bottom of the page you can choose to display 6, 12 or 24 projects at a time

Web Preview

Clicking on the Screenshot 2020-04-14 at 22.11.26 icon will open the web previewer directly in your browser so you can see what the project looks like before remixing a version for yourself.

Project Pages

Clicking on the project itself will open up the project page.

From here you can also preview the app, inspect the blocks or your can remix a copy for yourself.

To show your appreciation for a project that you really like you can give it a star! :star: This works much the same way as liking a post in the community or on social media.

Try for yourself

Go ahead, take a look at our first featured profile:

Feel free to remix some of our favourite projects, and don’t forget to star the ones that you really like.


Wow! This is sick! Nice work! I would love to be considered for this!

Sorry @domhnallohanlon



Just reply with a link to your profile page and we’ll take a look @jared


Hi, @domhnallohanlon!
This is an amazing feature! :+1:

I would also love to be featured :smiley_cat:
Here’s my profile - x.thunkable.com/profiles/kartik

Also, you might find very less projects, because I have private-ised many projects, coz they contain confidential info about many of my clients :smile:

Thanks! :blush:


Good idea. Just highlighting this before anyone else inadvertently does this!


I’m going to get my projects straight, finally get thunkable pro (that april discount is looking great :eyes:) and then I’ll try to apply to be a feature creator :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update! :slight_smile:


I’m cleaning up my projects for this also! I have too much crap to go through!


I too, have a lot of craps.
Let’s start cleaning!


All Cleaned up and ready to share!


more on the apps can be found here



I have cleaned up crap too!


Thanks! :smiley_cat:


I think this is sweet!

A few metrics would be really cool too, such as: Total hours spent building apps, total number of projects created vs still active, if an app has been published, how many iterations, the ability to share code snippets.

Starting at 12 projects per page would be ideal for most I think. this is what that looks ike on a 15" screen at 67% zoom (my regular zoom level)

pehaps being able to see which invisible components the apps utizlie?


Hi @domhnallohanlon,

I probably won’t count as my apps are all linked to the same idea. Testing different methods of construction.
In the end developed an app to connect to a LoRaWan network for real time visualisation of data with images. Temperature with a colour changing dragon for the moment.
Loved the learning process (most of the time).



Hey @robertk69lv ,

We don’t have any set criteria for becoming a featured Creator, but one thing that I’d personally like to see is novelty in projects and to be able to point to specialists in the community on certain topics.

So for insurance…

…this sounds super interesting because LoRaWan is such a new technology and very few people who use Thunkable have much experience with it.

Would definitely be interested in taking a look at some of your projects if you feel like sharing your profile link?

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Hi @domhnallohanlon,

Apologies, forgot to add it.


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nice feature :slight_smile: here’s what I think could further improve it:

  • Selecting which apps to showcase
    if you’re like me and you do a lot of testing and stuff you might have a lot of “crap” in your apps section. therefor I think it would be awesome to be able to choose which apps to showcase

  • maybe adding a description of the app and some icons of what components where included might help people to find which app might really be of interest for them :slight_smile:

  • sometimes you might want to share an idea / concept but cannot share the whole project, it would be nice if there was place to link to published apps “made with thunkable”, also if you cannot share your source project

Best, Chris


This would be great, I too am for this.

In the description part it would be great to add instructions also with images, maybe video links, to show how to change properties of the app e.g. to suit your own colour theme.

Nice new feature, will the featured user’s project go to the top?

I want my profile to be featured, here is the link