New Feature: Download A File Within Your App

Hi Thunkers,
With the release of Thunkable v458, we are excited to share with a new set of files blocks. The Download File within app blocks enable your app’s users to download files used in your app on request, ensuring a better offline user experience.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


That is exciting …

Can I download csv or excel file in the app and use it as local data source?

You can’t Upload Excel Files in Cloudinary, so most Probably, It won’t Download

Like .txt .csv?

Also can it overwrite existing file with the same name ?

Unfortunately not at this time. There is no way to set a data source through the blocks, that has to be done in the data sources tab.

You can try uploading any type of CSV file in Cloudinary Manually, then if it uploads, it would probably work through API too

Thank you Matt.

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First in Beta, Removed, and then Again Published.
But Anyways, a necessary add-on, as it was a lengthy process to Code a New HTML Extension for this Job with JS and then to Integrate it in Thunkable.

You can try creating csv format, share to google drive then you can save it as csv file