How to download file from google drive and vie it in thunkable

I want to create ebook as my project. I have succesfully do the menu, genre, etc but the thing is the user can just read the books online. I want the user be able to read offline. So I need the app able the ser to download in my app. But the latest thunkable doesn’t provide download file block.

How I’m supposed to do if I just have this block only?

I want the user can dowload the ebook from my app and can read it in library section in my app. Can you guys help me here.

Hey @sofeafarhana67ba - just right click on the block and choose the show advanced block to get the version you are looking for

Screenshot 2024-07-05 at 11.29.21

Many of the built-in purple function blocks have these “advanced” variants - try it for yourself! :smile: