New App : Monstro

Hello! I am back with another app release!

Introducing Monstro, a drawing game with friends where each person draws a body part (such as head or torso), and in the end all of the drawings combine to form a Monster/Mutant of sorts.

Here is the Thunkable Link: Thunkable

It is already published to Google Play and the iOS store, but I need to update them again and I also would really like to change the name. Monstro doesn’t seem very appealing, doesn’t relate to the game that much (calling people’s drawings monsters maybe isn’t the best), and there are so many Monster related games I’m afraid it will never be found.
If anyone has any ideas, I am open to suggestions.

Once they are updated, I’ll share the link on this thread.



Awesome work @mythi - I used to do a paper-based version of this with my students as an ice breaker - they always got a great laugh out of their creations.

Really cool to have an app-based version of this now.