NEW APP - Flashlight | Now available on Google play

Hello thunkers,
I had already developed in the past two flashlights apps and these were also in the playstore.
Now I have removed these two and created a completely new flashlight app.

The app has many features such as a blinking mode and more.

All other features of the app can be found in the description on Google Play Store

The app is translated into german or english depending on the language settings of your mobile phone

Screenshots: (German translation)

I would be glad if you installed the app, test it, share with your friends and write a rating in the play store.

Download Flashlight

best regards,

Tutorials, Snippets, Examples with source files (aia and apk) and much more available on my blog


Cool!!! Very nice app, @Mika

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Nice Job! I Really Like It!

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Thank you@all :slight_smile:

Yeah you made a great app I am using that app only in my device . Can u give a tutorial how to make a flashlight in thunkable

I Can Make A Video Later On If You’d Like @Yashasv

Thank you! :slight_smile: What do you want to know? :slight_smile:

Here is the source code of the app (aia):

Congrats for having 2 apps in the 16 best apps of the year, @mika !!!

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Thank you! :slight_smile:
I had also sent only 2 in the competition :smiley:
A good quote 100% success :sweat_smile:

WOW, so you will be very happy xD


Yes. that’s really cool.
But all other apps are too genius and very great :slight_smile:

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