Download new flashlight app

Flashlight Pro 2018 is an Android app developed by krish.
It’s Lite version app (only 4mb in size).
Key features of this app :-
#Easy to use
#Lite version
#Cool Ui
#Ads free
#Compatible with any Android device &more.

Download this app:- Flashlight pro 2018.apk

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It’s just using a camera flash… If you have one integrated with you device, don’t bother!

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I’m new to thunkable…
This is my first app.
I will update soon with more feature.

Sorry about that… I ended up getting screamed at for saying that, I was just saying if you have a flashlight in your notification bar don’t download it because, its a waste of space but, if you have a camera or dont have a flashlight in your notification bar then certainly download this one, ok? Didn’t mean to be rude or sound rude @domhnallohanlon!