New App: Coinpedia

Coinpedia is an app I made to help new cryptocurrency investors get started.

Click here to download Coinpedia on the App Store. (App in review)


  • Lessons and guides
  • Crypto News
  • Live prices
  • Earn and buy crypto with exclusive rewards
  • Glossary

& more!

I’m still in the process of adding more comprehensive lessons and guides. I’m also working on a smart assistant that will be able to answer questions like “What is an asking price” etc.

Known bugs:

  • Status bar turns completely white when interacting with webviewer or taking a screenshot. Its fixed when a stack navigator screen is opened.

Looks nice. Can you please explain how you created the graph in the “Track” screen?

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That’s probably using

I used an html widget from crypto hopper and added html to make it responsive


@coinpedia interesting! And I assume this is a Data Viewer List?


Are you downloading the values via API or is this a webviewer pointing to cryptoHopper? What happens when I click the down arrow? I like what you did with the shadows.


Its actually just an HTML widget that i made responsive and not scalable. When you click the down arrow, the blue chart is shown and you can drag along the chart to see an overlay of the price.


Ah so you don’t really use Thunkable components but you just use Thunkable as an HTML wrapper, correct?


Yes that’s correct. Eventually I’m going to make it using thunkable components cause theres a couple of bugs with the widget

Need help building graphs like that? @Deluxe


Not yet :slight_smile: I don’t have a case where I need graphs for the time being but I think I like what does. I know there is another method using Google I think I remember you mentioning in another post?

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Directly using chartjs would be the way to go for me. But if not, then absolutely using quickchart would be the way I’d go. I just don’t like it in many use cases and like the ability to interact with my charts

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