Chart the price of your cryptocurrency coin!

i found a free API (CoinGecko API (V3)) that allows you to obtain price information for a cryptocurrency coin. i simply processed the returned json response and turned them into the x and y axis values to be submitted to for plotting.
the call i’m using to extract historical data has this note:

so in order for me to chart prices per day, i have to provide a range over 90 days, then i pick the days i need to chart from the result. (if i provide a short range, say 10 days, i get price per hour!)

here’s the project link:

here are a few screen shots.

these charts show the price of bitcoin in last 30 days and last 90 days.

i provided a few, recent popular coins in the viewer list.
don’t forget me after you get rich because you used the information from my app! haha!


I hope you’re not going to create a post advertising a paid service for which you will get a commission.