Need help understanding how to change username

Searching for someone who can help
I’ve tried to change my username, however it just says “Something went wrong. Please try again.” But even when I try again, the message shows that. I have tried many different usernames, (nio, nio1252151, nio.taconugget, nio_taconugget, etc) Please, I need help. I don’t think “catmaddie73u749mc” fits me. Especially since I don’t want my actual name displayed, just my online name.
my name IS Maddie, but I’d prefer to go by nio (it’s my online name, i feel more comfort being called Nio rather than my actual name.) Call me any pronouns you want…
I like cats- But I don’t play MineCraft. I’ve seen people shorten MineCraft to MC, which is now how I react when I see “MC”. Since my name has Mc in it, I think it means minecraft. I don’t play minecraft.
My favorite animals are Foxes and Wolves.

o nome de usuário deve estar indisponivel

Use the chat bot on the thunkable designer to contact thunkable

Cc @domhnallohanlon

Welcome, Nio. It looks like you were able to change your username. :slight_smile:

If you want a bit more privacy, you can edit your original post to remove your real name.