Need help to make the best method to code this function for a gocart LOG screen?

I like to make a log screen over my gocarts. I have 8 gocarts. In the app I like to have a green color if the cart is OK, a white if it is just made, and a purple if it is in repair mode.
So the problem is how do i best make the code. I need to search the status color to find out if there is any unfinish errors. So if white or purple color is in the status column i need to find out witch of the gocart that have the error.
I really hope someone can help me here. I have tryed with the block below. I have other App that uses the same method but also with a little unconstant result everytime.

I have tryed with the these blocks below, but the result is not constant.

Please help…

i can make this app for you! Seems complex, but right up my alley!