Need help: can't open file .apk on my phone [Solved]

Hello everyone i’m new here and i want to learn about create basic app.
but 2-3 day, i got problem, my file .apk (download android app) can’t open. it shows app keeps stopping. (I created this app last month and i remember that can open its.)
I tried to create one screen at a time, tried to download for file .apk and tried to open on my phone. but can’t open. I don’t understand what happen and i need help.

Sorry, but a screenshot of the failed application is not enough information to pose a diagnostic.
By the way, once the app is installed, it is no longer the ak file that is involved. The apk file is the application installation package. Starting the application is done by selecting the icon reference in the installed application menu, or through a start icon on the face of the device itself. I dare presume that this was understood and is precised here only to ensure there is not confusion about that.
That said, if the apk is still available as a file, you can re-install it–no harm can result from that. This would be the equivalent of installation from scratch.
If you app runs normally from a new install, and stops working on re-start, then it is possible that it leaves some artifact, lie a setting that is sampled at start-up and cause an internal calculation to fail.
Again, it is impossible to diagnose without having more information.


Hi @kornrat2206zgm9hb, are you using Classic or Thunkable X?


I re-install app, It runs normally from a new install, and stops working on re-start.
(I runs old app that i created it before, It runs normally and not re-start.


Sorry, but where can I check? :cry:

Thunkable X

Then you are asking in the wrong forum.

And since the app always runs 1st after an install and fails on repeat, this indicates that your app is setting something in a non-volatile manner that it has an issue with. That means you inadvertently coded the fault.

I see. Since that app didn’t work, i created new app again. I create only single screen and try to run file .apk but i found the same problem. :cry: i always try to create that until i think my phone has the problem. So i send app to my friend to run app too, but they feedback : app keeps stopping. :cry:

Sometimes I feel discouraged.

don’t worry @kornrat2206zgm9hb - we’ll figure out what’s going with your project.

I’ve moved this to the #thunkable-cross category now. Just FYI you can do this yourself in ion the future by clicking the pencil icon beside the topic title:

This sounds a little unusual - perhaps there’s a security setting on your phone that’s causing this? Can you copy/paste the link to this single screen project here so that we can take a closer look?


Realize that there is nothing we can do to help diagnose the issue at this point since you are not showing your code.
This is the same as you calling the doctor and stating that you feel pain but refusing to go to the clinic for examination.

I decided to create an new email account and create new app.
I try to run app again, and it can run app.
thank you. :grinning:

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