Need color schemes for bottom navigation bar

Currently this is my color scheme but I don’t think it looks as asthetic and beautiful as I want it to look
Any suggestions?:innocent:

Black bg
Green active
Magenta inactive

You need the filled and unfilled icons, and I recommend keeping them in the same colour.

As dark theme as become ever so popular, I recommend a dark background with white icons. Don’t do solid black, but instead a dark grey. You can find your own medium but check out the dark greys used in apps such as Discord and Spotify.


Can you try it and show me seeing it is better than reading about it :innocent:

And black with white is something insta is already doing I wanna do something different

Try something like this to create matching color schemes:

Best, Chris

Hi there,
I don’t know do they help to you to suit your app.Here are my suggest colors.

Black Background color : #2f3542 (do not use too black color,use more light black color)

Green Active : #7bed9f

Magenta Inactive : #ff6348 (I would recommend the orange color for you,and a question here: Why are the text color do not match the icon color?


They were supposed to match but inactive icon color looked good in text but not on icon it was too distracting

Just use a tool like to match the color value of the icons.

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