Need a kind person to explain Realtime DB

Hello, so here I am, an app ready, but the will to make it evolve. But I’m stuck, I need two players to interact with my app from two different places and to be connected. RealtimeDB is what I need if I understood good, but I don’t know how to use it even a bit. So I’m here searching for someone who can DM me to explain me how it works and to answer my questions. I know there are plenty of tutorials on the net but none of them made sense to me and I love human contact soooo :slight_smile:

Thank You very much for your precious time :slight_smile:
Nice day !

Can you explain this term a bit more ? I mean you have not mentioned any info about your app !! :star_struck:

It’s very helpful if you want to create a chatting app. I have also created one [ Howdy Messenger ] which allows two user to communicate with each other via chat.
Have a look : Howdy Messenger By Ct tricks

Ct tricks

I basically want two users to play a game at the same time on different phones, and then to collect the scores and to show them on a final screen.

@cttricks Any idea on how to do this ?