My Views on the iOS Alpha

Hi everyone
I just tried out the iOS Alpha release and trust me, it is pretty awesome. The new UI/UX is great and the use of colours and gradients is a feast to the eyes :grin:. Gives it the cool modern look, pretty much like iOS. (Material design doesn’t have widespread use for gradients, iOS lives off it. Good thinking there!)

I don’t know if many of you have noticed, but it is now possible to create project names with a space in between. (It no longer shows a warning). I am waiting for such a change in the Android platform too, but it may take longer as Java plays spoilsport sometimes…

Though there are limited components to try out, the level of options provided for each is just mindblowing, especially for an alpha release. Quite a few features are not available on the stable release even though Android supports them (For example, the “Type” setting for the Text input).

Now that there is a dedicated blocks area for each component, I’m sure things will get a lot less cluttered. It would be great if this could be merged with the stable release.

On the improvements side, I think it would be better to keep the Add Component as a drag-and-drop menu, just like the original.
I like the current login screen over the one seen in the alpha. (But these are just my views. Feel free to differ! :smiley:)
The Components section may look better with a dedicated scrollbar. When you have too many components, it gets cumbersome to scroll to the bottom… then select one component… then move over to the blocks editor. If there were a scroll bar just for the list of existing components, I could scroll freely while keeping the “Blocks”, “Properties”, “Live Test” and “Remove component” buttons on top. I can add a screenshot, if the admins don’t object.
Also, as @lucatunes mentioned, it would be great to have a “Project settings” icon.

Again, the Alpha is awesome. Keep up the good work!

EDIT: Just spotted a weird bug. When I have two or more components, I have different code areas for each. But I can code for all the components in a single area. Can get confusing and easy to miss out blocks. But it turns out, the blocks not in their places disappear when you switch menus. Wait… all my blocks are just disappearing!!!


Yes, please. It’s really annoying to have to open a dialog each time and click.

Thanks for your feedback on the Add Components section – we are still designing how we enable this so your feedback is very much appreciated!!


It would be nice if the Android and IOS version have the same interface, then it’s easier to work with


100% agree. We are creating a more fresh and updated look for iOS and afterwards will redo the android platform, but this process will take many months.


If you want. I want to help and I think @barreeeiroo would love to help too. :slight_smile:

Sure :+1:

And just a little question. In what language is all server coded? I’m a bit curious :yum:

I think the design is PHP, HTML, CSS, JS and maybe soms C

i find Thunkable blocks similar to C# syntax way of doing things

I am waiting for the mail
for iOS ,:disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::pensive::pensive:

Hi Guys, Will there be scrolling arrangements for the layout soon? Also want to say thanks for the amazing work on the IOS. :slight_smile:

Can you share the link for iOS platform here ??

No. We are not allowed to do so. Even if we do share the link, you will not be able to access the platform unless you are on the beta tester list.

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Actually I applied for the same but didnt got any response that’s why I was asking for link. But no issue I’ll wait for official release :slight_smile:

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Beta testers are being added in batches. Your entry will surely have been noted, and your name already on the wait list. It’s only a matter of time until you will be included.

As far as I know, being an active member on the community counts too…


Helios, Do you think it will be a problem if I filled out 2 “Google Forms” with different emails? I thought maybe one got lost in the mix. To say I’m excited to beta test the iOS version is an understatement! :slight_smile: Thanks!

LOL, just got the invite in the mail! Sweet!


Good to hear that.

If you have, you may want to PM the other email address to the team so that they can remove it from the list.

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