My Apps: Debaters + Super Translator

Hi! My name is Olivia. I am a first time developer and I would love it if you guys could check out two of my apps on Google Play (they are under my dad’s name btw).

Debaters is a family game where people debate about which characters may win what. For example, of “Thanos wearing a pizza costume but they use ‘like’ every other world” and “Darth Vader wearing a tuxedo but gets around everywhere on a segway”, who would win the Nobel Peace Prize?

Super Translator is an app where you input phrases and then translate it through a bunch of different languages so that it comes back a crazy jumble of words. For example, “Thunkable is the best, please check out my apps”, after being translated through 10 languages becomes “Thunkable is the bets that you can look at my room!!!”.

Here is the source code for both of them: (coding may be a little messy, sorry)
Super Translator:

Here is the Google Play version:

And here is kind of a bonus app, Carte (a geography game):

Thank you guys!

Update 1: Here is Debaters for iOS:

Update 2: Moved this thread to the successfully thunk’d category, I realized it was originally in the wrong category. Also, for both apps on Google Play, for some reason I restricted access for almost all countries and I don’t know why but I fixed it now :slight_smile:


@mythi awesome work, thanks for sharing!.


Congratulations on this beautiful work. Continues!


Thank you @heliocesar843c7! Also, welcome to the Thunkable Community :slight_smile:


can you please update the link… the link is not working

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Wow, that’s really Super
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2 Likes - which link isn’t working for you?


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the link of debaters and super translator

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