Multiple objects from a list?

I checked other threads as much as I could until I kept finding the same threads over and over and couldn’t find the answer already, so I apologize if it’s already been answered.

Is there a way to create an object with many fields, where the fields are populated from a list? Or maybe delimited from a text field with commas or something?

Instead of manually making each object row like this …

What if I wanted to go all the way to z? Do I have to create a new field every time from the cog wheel in the component?
Or could I dynamically change the quantity of the fields and their names more quickly?

Like if this was a possible component here that I made on paint

Thanks again Thunkers!

It’s definitely possible to do what you want, most likely with the “list from text” and “text from list” block in the List drawer.

Can you explain this with a “real world” example?

And why objects? If you need objects, you might just use Firebase for all of this.

Hi @tatiang, so for my example I have a list of tasks to be completed, but the task list is pretty long, I wouldn’t want to manually have to go in and change them with blocks each time I needed to add tasks.

I would just want to be able to quickly make some changes instead of each individual block.
The next column over is just simply a complete or incomplete for the user.
The user would just make a selection to indicate whether or not they’ve completed that task, so I have it set to call the data, but also we can update the data when the user changes it to complete.

But I am using Firebase currently for the objects. But regardless I would have to manually make this for Firebase as well correct?

Thanks again

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You may find that using cloud variables with Firebase paths is the easiest way to dynamically change this kind of data. I don’t have a lot of experience using the create object block but the cloud variables allow you to dynamically get and update data in Firebase. You can use a variable within the path (bucket/). It’s sounding like you might already have the data so perhaps you need to read in a csv file? I seem to remember @drted might have attempted that but I’m not finding the topic.

If what you want is in a list then generate a text from the list. Format this text to be in the form of JSON format. This can be done programmatically then use get object from JSON to create the object you require.