Much Interested To Review This Website

Hello, I have been following this website for the past few days now. I have a tech related website and I a am much more interested to review this website on my site [link removed]. Is it possible? Or should I need to pay for this? Please let me know.

This sounds like spam but if it’s not…

Why would you need permission for this? Or need to pay?

If I need to pay to complete the whole process, then I will absolutely pay for it. But may I know what should I do to do this?

I removed the link you added after the fact because that definitely is spam.

Please contact Thunkable directly with any more questions about this.

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@tatiang Thanks for removing that link. These kinds of posts usually get flagged as spam on our end. They look normal or like the user is asking a question but contain a likely malicious link. I don’t know how this one got by. I’ll look into more but again, thanks for keeping an eye out!

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No problem! I was 90% sure it was spam and probably should have flagged it. I thought it was unusual that the person responded to me. I just like to give people the benefit of the doubt…