More JSON - Sort Object List by Object Property

Thunkable includes a block to sort simple lists (number, text), but EVERYONE (well me anyway) wants to filter and sort complex data (database rows, JSON trees).

Here is a modified bubble sort that can sort in ascending or descending order based on any property within the JSON object.

Project Link
Remix Link good until December 2020


Example Output


I think one benefit for Thunkable users would be being able to work with the backend that completes the filtering and ordering for you.

I am working on this tutorial currently. I have a project available that I could share if you were interested in a Dr. Ted. It requires a small bit of work on your part to set up a backend but that is also no code.

Also, the app looks good!

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Thanks, but I’m trying to minimize the 3rd party apps I incorporate into my Thunking. Even though Google has burned me by discontinuing services/apps before (e.g. Classic Sites), I do include google products (maps, firebase, docs). Other than that, I try to steer clear of third party services to minimize the chances of my app becoming inoperable for reasons beyond my control and to make them more accessible/replicatable by other Thunkers.

So I’ll just keep rolling my own solitions and wrapping them in Thunkable functions.


Don’t stop. I didn’t mean it that way. I think what you are doing here is really cool, tbh. I’d like to review it, make notes, and do a video about it so people can understand the concept or reasons a little better instead of just copying blocks.

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sorry if my post sounds peevish. I appreciate your feedback and suggestions!

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