Missing the list picker

There are many missing components in thunkable x , what can i do now to add list picker !?

Hi @dalank

Does the ListViewer do what you want?

There’s a more comprehensive discussion over here:

Excluding Mindstorms, Thunkable X actually had 6 more components than Classic.

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Thanks, but that requires that the entire list be on the screen. I’m looking for the type of list picker which is one item high until the person clicks on the list. Then the list picker pops up and allows selection. Otherwise the input form is very long due to multiple lists. Thanks for the suggestion though and for confirming that there is not yet a list picker component.

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Hi, @dalank! :wave:

In AC Tech’s demo app, he has made a list-picker, which I think, fulfils your requirements.
I hope @actech would provide further support.

Thanks! :blush:


i Hope too

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