Memorial Day 2021

On the coming Monday, May 31st 2021, we Americans will celebrate Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is a day in America where we honor those who have died while serving the US Army. While we don’t actually do any celebrations, there will be a holiday on Monday where people don’t go to school or work.

I hope those in America have a great long weekend and vacation. I’m not really going anywhere because of COVID, but I hear that there will be a lot of people going on vacation.

Do other people around the world also have a holiday like this?


I know you have marked this off topic but these sorts of topics are best avoided as they have nothing at all to do with Thunkable. Indeed some may even find them offensive due to US military actions across the world that result in civilian deaths.


I am sorry, I didn’t realize that could be offensive. I promise to keep my posts friendly and inclusive from now on. Thank you for letting me know.