Media Storage in App

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The app I’m working on will have roughly 50 - 100 mp3 files, roughly 75 - 125mb of audio files. Maybe more. I’m trying to keep this app completely free for myself and my users. I hear that streaming files can be expensive for app developers. Every stream costs someone something. I am 100% a novice in this space so I’d appreciate your advice very much!

  • Should I add all of the audio files to the app itself, app storage, which is downloaded when the user downloads the app, so there is no streaming whatsoever?

  • Should I use some specific stream / storage service that will enable me to offer this audio for free, no charge to myself? (Assuming many thousands of people download and use the app every day)

Any advice + anything additional you’d like to add is very welcome.

Thank you very much for your time and help! :relaxed:


To begin with, you can’t save or open more than 45-50 mb of data in Thunkable X. For this reason, you will need to use external storage. Which one? For Example, Cloudinary. For more information, see the documentation

Or you can use any other service with the necessary parameters


Thank you so much for the insight! That’s helpful!

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