Md5 hashing in Thunkable!

:warning: This service is down!

Hello everyone!
Today, I want to show you, my simple PHP script for hashing with MD5 algorithm.
Hashing is a way of encryption, but the thing is that you cannot decrypt it. This method is being used everywhere. As well, it is being used by big companies like Google, Facebook, Apple.
Hashing is great, because it is impossible to “reverse it” & get the real value. So for example you can use if statement for checking, is the password correct.
All you have to do, is to make a web request to to this url & use response content. (Use web component)
Replace data with your own string.

Happy Thunking! :wink:

you might want to use the HmacSha256 method from the tools extension instead, which btw. also does not need any internet access…


Isn’t that the same as this? :thinking:

@Taifun, as I said this is a simple PHP script, thanks to @Barreeeiroo who kinda teached how to program in PHP. This is like a tutorial to myself. For learning purposes…

@Barreeeiroo maybe :smile: