Mark Friedman joins Thunkable as VP of Engineering!

App Inventor founder Mark Friedman has joined Thunkable, be sure to read the great news in the official announcement:


WOW, welcome @Mark :wave::wave::wave:

And thanks for joining @Thunkable :+1:

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Welcome Aboard! Mark

Welcome @Mark :slight_smile:

Welcome! Have a great time with Thunkable @Mark

Welcome to thunkable! :smile: @Mark

Good news Welcome back



Wait, who is this guy? I don’t know him. :joy: :joy: :joy:

Overreaction and joking aside, welcome to Thunkable! :grinning:

Thanks, to everyone who welcomed me! I look forward to helping make Thunkable even greater than it already is, as well as participating in this community.

Now, let’s get thunking!



Welcome, Mark. I’m sure it will be very good for us your experience here!!!

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