Maps component would always reset its position


I recently added a current weather box (similar to Google Maps app) to one of my apps map but unfortunately after I added this feature the map (that until then could be dragged freely) will now always immediately jump back to the last set coordinates when it is dragged :confused:

When I first couldn’t find the problem. luckily I had a backup and that worked fine so I reversed my latest changes and I realized that it only happens when the weather function is included. I use the following blocks and I cannot find any reason for this behavior:

Bildschirmfoto 2019-12-11 um 13.05.23

On screen opens “locationloaded” is set to false. Once the users location is received the map should once center at his current location, then “locationloaded” is set to true and this time when the location changes it should trigger the weather function

Since I don’t want hundreds of requests within a minute the weather should only update every 5 minutes therefor I check if the current device timestamp is >300 seconds newer than the last time the weather api was called. However for some reason the map will immediately jump back after user drags it when I include the weather feature. Removing it from the “onUserLocationChange” block solves the issue… Btw the issue does also appear when I remove the “setText” blocks within the function… Because first I thought this might be due to the text refreshing the screen/map…

Any help is appreciated. Is it a problem in my blocks or a bug?

There were a number of updates rolled out for the map component last week @Chris.

We still have a few bugs to iron out, but the overall experience has been greatly improved so far.