Making synchronous request through Web API Component

I have a two part query:

  1. When making use of Web API Component to invoke a REST service to fetch data from some remote service, is there a way to disable the screen by showing some progress bar?

  2. For first part to work, web api component invocation should be syncrhonous in nature, currently even if I try to disable the control first like shown in image below, it won’t work as the Web API invocation appears to be asynchronous in nature.

If some how this can be made asynchronous we could come up with some sort of progress bar to show user instead of screen doing nothing and user may click multiple time the button.

You can use the Animation component as the download indication. Turn on the animation before downloading the data and turn it off after loading the data.

Activate the button in the processing block “then do”, and not after the procedure call getCurrencyRates.

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Thank you, it worked for enabling of the Button by putting it after “then do” block.

However, for the animation component, could you advise if Thunkable has this concept of z-order for the elements, like placing the animation component on top of other components such as when it gets activated on the screen it appears on top of all other component. Something like “Bring to Front” feature for components?

On the Advanced properties tab, you can set the zIndex property, and after the animation is complete, hide the animation component.