Making a sprite follow a curved path

Hello Thunkers,

Is there a clean way to make a sprite follow a curved path? Ex. a bird swooping down and going back again. Using a combination of timer and x,y speeds is not really working. I used a trig function (sin of changing angle) to adjust y speed with constant x. Appreciate any pointers.

Did the trig function work? That would be my suggestion.

Yes it works but hard to get the desired curve, takes many iterations. The screen size, speed value, timer setting have to be ‘aligned’ with each other. Changing one value even a bit messes it up - for ex if you want the bird to swoop down faster, all numbers need to be re-worked. I think there should be a easier way to do it… it feels a common need - ex. making a ball bounce in a parabolic path. Maybe using gravity is simpler?