Major Thunkable iOS Release (Nov 22) - Sound, Timer, Translator, Text to Speech, Image Recognizer, Assistant & PUBLISH!

Hey Thunkers!

We are excited to introduce the ability to Publish your iOS app to the App Store (see docs)

We have also added 6 new components to the Thunkable iOS platform (login here). In no particular order, here they are:

① Translator powered by Yandex (see docs) - translate any text in real-time in a variety of languages

② Text to Speech (see docs) - speak aloud any text in real-time in a variety of languages, including translated text

③ Sound (see docs) - play any sound file

④ Assistant powered by Dialogflow (see docs) - set up a chatbot or voice assistant powered by Dialogflow, a service that powers the Google Home

⑤ Image Recognizer powered by Microsoft (see docs)

⑥ Timer (see docs) to trigger events at timed intervals in your app

Release notes here

If you want to learn how to use some of these components, we have a set of video tutorials in process that may help.

To all our friends in the US and beyond, happy Thanksgiving!
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being a part of our community!

Albert @ Thunkable on behalf of the team


This looks great, especially Dialog Flow, looking forward to trying this out.

Thanks guys!

Hi @albert I see a publish button on the top of ios.thunkable

Is it now possible ?

The button is visible and the docs are available, so I would assume it’s possible.

Yes, you are correct! Publish is also available. We just refreshed the documentation around publish so please take a look and let us know if you are running into any issues.

Albert @ Thunkable

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Publish !!!


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hi. does ④ Assistant also works with the Android platform? and if not, is there a way of integrating dialogflow into my android app? many thanks.

Hi there. We are actually working on making Assistant work for Android and hoping to make it available for beta testing soon. Out of curiosity, how would you like to use that component?

Albert @ Thunkable