LoginOnly App and Tutorial

I just published a new iOS version of a login-only app. You can find it on the App Store by searching for “Thunkable”. Please install it and register to see its basic functionality.

The app is a template and is open source (blocks). To build an app in which users register, login, and edit a profile, begin with the template then add your own screens and behaviors. This tutorial describes how to build your own app from the template code.

Please send feedback on the app. Internally, it uses Firebase for user authorization, a Google sheet for storing profile data, and Cloudinary to store the profile pics.

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Interesting… is there a reason you’re not posting a link to the app?


You should make it as easy as possible for people to be able to download it, instead of having to jump through hoops. Please post a direct link.


Hi. Here is the thunkable app link for the LoginOnly template. The tutorial links to the app as well.

Thanks but you also asked people to install the App Store version. Can you provide a link to that?

Edit: looks like it’s here: ‎Thunkable LoginOnly on the App Store

Yes, I see. Thanks @tatiang, Hopefully, I’ll figure this out at some point :slightly_smiling_face:

Here are the links for the loginOnly app:

  1. Thunkable link

  2. app store

  3. tutorial

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