Local storage persistence in iOS

I’m using a Local_Storage object to persist a couple of user-specific values between application runs, but it doesn’t seem to work. If you force-quit my app, the values are lost.

What is the typical persistence strategy for a local app to keep a couple of values? I could use a database or a spreadsheet, of course, but that would require a new database record for every instance of the app. And that’s not the point – I’m looking for something akin to local app settings.

Any thoughts?

Problems with Local Storage I did not notice. If you give a link to your project, then we can verify it.

In the Local Storage you can save all the simple types available in Thunkable X, lists and objects. To save the settings you can select an

  • object
  • text with delimiters (CSV)
  • data in JSON format
  • list of key-value pairs

Each of these options has advantages and disadvantages, but the list has an advantage over the object because it can be used dynamically, use a loop, search, and other operations.

It seems to be working when I build my app, but only intermittently in the Live Test. I suppose that’s not unexpected.

Hi there. Is it possible for you to share your project so we can look into this further? Thanks for reporting.