Local SQL server DB connection

is there a way to connect with an SQL server DB in a private network using thunkable?
Better if using OLEDB
thank you!

If your SQL Server DB provides API connections then YES.

At the moment I connect to the DB using a connection string with OLEDB as provider using LabVIEW

as he said if you have a api for that than you can else no

What does It means “if I have an api”?
It’s Microsoft SQL SERVER. Is there an api for It?Does It provide an api by itself?

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This is a good read


Ok, so It seems ti me that the answer for my needs in NO. :frowning:
No direct thunkable way.
Reading the article It seems to me I should provide credentials to Dreams factory service, And have a PC with dreamfactory installed that work as http server. Too tricky for me
I can’t do this, I’m not amministrator of the net.
I expected a DB “plugin” to connect using connection string end execute query.

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This is one way but you can call it with browser API

See this article

Yes, it requires a kind of service but this is again a versatile terminology.

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Not sure if your server supposed postgreSQL but would this be an option for you @Giuseppe_Geppo_Catta?