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Just released, my first app on play store :slight_smile:
I think I need any advise, how to improve my App to be better and better, I was trying to develop an app for tourism section in my regency, I know also it worst #lol

Wish you all guys going involved and try my app, also wish u guys could give me an honest feedback and I would like to say thank you to you.

This is not done yet :slight_smile:
So i beg an advise for next coming update,


Huge Thank you:
For Extention developer and valued Tutorials :sunglasses:

@Andres_cotes @Taifun

Thunkable Team :star:

And to All Thunkers!


From the screenshots looks awesome, I hope you could translate the app to English, thanks!


Will do, I will try to make english translation, btw thank you for that great extented web viewer :slight_smile:


Attractive. Looking
Well design bro !!


Thank you for Installing my first app, please kindly give me an honest feedback and Advise for better GarApp, and thanks for having involved :slight_smile: