Live users counter icon


I working in a radio app (linked with a url)

and i want to see the number of users enjoying in real time like the next imagen in green mark:

Is it possible to insert an icon on a screen that registers the number of live users?

If this posible, do you have any tutorial to built it, please?

Thank you for your support!

Nice day!

I would think you would need to assign each user a unique ID and save it as a stored variable so it doesn’t change. Or you’d have to have each user sign in using something like Firebase.

Then, when the screen starts, you check to see if the user ID is already in a spreadsheet/Firebase. If not, add it to that.

The hard part is… how do you know when the user stops using the app? I don’t know the answer to that.

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Okay, i´ll checking. In the past i saw the video in yourtube with this topic, but i think is not availabe.
Do you have any example to guide me, please?
Before hand, thank you for your time and quick support!

Yes, Google unique Thunkable and you’ll see examples. I don’t have a video about this I can share.

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Okay, Thank you!

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